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Posted by dan.tripi on December 31, 2012 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Happy New Years from all of us at EliteShoguns! We've been very busy this time of year with our holiday parties, but we just wanted to give you all a quick update on some parties we've finished.

Coach's annual holiday party was off the wall. A great venue mixed with some great people, resulted in an amazing party. We had an awesome time working with them. Our DJ & Close-up Magician team did great and recieved many compliments afterwards. 

We are looking forward to next year's event!

Here's a few pictures of the event.

You may check out the rest of the party on our facebook page at Facebook.com/EliteShoguns

We also had the pleasure of DJing a private party at Villa Gaia. 

We want to thank everybody who has helped us from the start of EliteShoguns.  Your continued support is very appreciated and we can't thank you enough. 2012 was a great year for us and we're looking forward to 2013. 

Have a great New Years!

-The EliteShoguns Community


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We had a fantastic day at the Brookhaven Amphitheater in Selden this past Saturday performing magic, creating balloon animals, and face painting sponsored by the Teachers Federal Credit Union. They definitely know how to throw a good party! 

Children and adults that atteneded all had a great time, as did we! 

I enjoyed walking around mingling with families and engaging them by performing close-up magic (See photos). Having fun and making people smile is what it's all about.

New to Elite Shoguns, Ivan who is an incredibly awesome balloon artist and children's magician, had fun making any animal of children's choosing. He had a huge line that wouldn't end because the kids loved him. 

Face painter Kate did an awesome job at painting faces. Many parents were impressed with her artistic abilities with painting their children's faces. Cheetah, Ironman, and Spiderman was no match for her! 

All in all, we had an excellent time and can't wait until next years event!

Here's a few pictures from our day. You can view the rest of them on our facebook page:


You can even tag yourself if you'd like!


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Hello fellow blog readers! We have goodnews and badnews.

First the badnews . . . Lately we've been so busy, we haven't got a chance to update our blog with all our gigs we've been doing.

Now the goodnews . . .  Lately we've been so busy, we haven't got a chance to update our blog with all our gigs we've been doing!:D

Sorry for the delay in updates. We've been busy getting ready and booking parties for the holiday season (our favorite time of year)! We have various Halloween parties I'm looking forward to. Dressing up and performing magic; is there anything better? Most definitely not!

Last weekend Niko and myself DJ'd a private party at THE GRILL ROOM in Hauppauge, and an anniversary party in Bellmore. Both went extremely well! The clients we're great and we look forward to working with them again real soon.

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of performing magic at Lucky Strike in Lower Downtown Manhattan for a Bar Mitzvah. It was probably the coolest bowling alley I've ever been to. Check out pictures below.


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August 11th marked the first year anniversary for Papa Louie's Pizzeria. It is a family owned restaurant with great food, great atmosphere, and most of all great people. 

To start this year off with a bang, Niko DJ'd from 11-3pm as neighbors heard the music playing outside and couldn't help to stop by. From 3-6pm Dan was performing close-up magic for customers eating at the restaurant. We had an incredible turnout and couldn't be happier. 

Everybody had a great time, and we can't wait to work again at Papa Louie's.

Special thanks to Jack and Shelly for everything!

To see more pictures, like us on Facebook:


ShowBall BaseBall

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In the beginning of the week, we had the pleasure of working with a growing baseball organization known as ShowBall; founded by Derek Ottevaere and John Novak. Their organization helps high school kids learn to be better ball players for those who take it serious and want to play ball professionally. They organize about 40 scouts and coaches from universities to come down and teach these kids what they need to improve on to be successful baseball players in college.

These guys are doing something really special for high school baseball players.

We want to thank Derek and John for letting us take part in their showcase. We're looking forward to working with them again next year!

For more pictures, please visit our facebook page: www.Facebook.com/EliteShoguns


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Last weekend we had a great time help celebrate an event in the Hamptons. Combining Elite Shoguns' Talents Dan Tripi(Magician) and Niko(DJ), made for one hell of a good time!

Everyone who was there congradulated us on a job well done and many asked for our business card afterward. We met a lot of great people and we enjoyed taking part in such an amazing party.

Niko had everybody up out of their chairs having fun dancing.

Dan engaged everyone at the party with some twisted magic that had people getting anxious for what he was about to do next!

Here's a few pics to recap from that night!

You can check the rest of our pictures on our Facebook fan page: www.Facebook.com/EliteShoguns


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Monday was Cherokee Street Elementary School's field day! Dan and Niko were both very excited to take part in and help celebrate the end of the year! Summer's starting and these kids had to start it off right!

From 9am - 2pm, we were jamming out music for the whole school to hear! That's what school should be like ALL the time! The kids enjoyed their activities such as tug of war, kickball, and of course dancing!

Usually kids are a little shy to bust a move in front of their friends, but these kids aren't afraid of anything! They boogied all day long with no fear! 

This was such a great group of kids and we at Elite Shoguns are thrilled we were asked to do something like this. We made up a short slideshow of what the kid's field day was like, and we hope we can be part of it again next year!

Slide Show:


Oh yeah, and one more thing . . . ROTATE AND DON'T FORGET YOUR WATER BOTTLES!  8)



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Last night Dan and Niko headed out to Valbella in the Meat Packing District in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It was a classy restaurant that they turned into a hall for a private party. Niko was ripping it up on the turn tables and had everybody going on the dance floor. It was a hell of a party with a lot of fun people.

Later Dan busted out the magic and performed close-up that amazed everyone who was there. "Most people only seen magic on TV, and when they see me perform right in front of them; they're shocked that I'm able to do these things without help of a stage or camera trickery", says Dan.

In the end it was a great party and everything went perfect. Dan and Niko made a dangerous team and are looking forward to work with ValBella again.


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We are very busy this time of year with Communions and Bar Mitzvas that we thought we should give you a quick glimpse of how we go about doing what we love to do.

This past weekend we booked a party, turning an ordinary Cafe into a Full Fledged Night Club! Exactly how the event planner wanted.

Niko had everyone up out of their seats dancing and having a Great time, which is what it's all about. "Being able to lead the crowd and pumping them up with awesome music and great personality is the best feeling. They're having the time of their life and it's because you're getting them in that mood where it's time to have a little fun!", says Niko.

Dan performed magic for the adults. Letting everyone have fun and joking around with people while performing magic is an amazing way to engage with people. Everyone reacts differently with magic, but everytime it's a positive reaction. "The best thing I love about performing is it doesn't matter where you come from, what ethnicity you are, what language you speak. Everyone responds to great visual magic, and that's exactly what I provide," says Dan.

The night went extremely well, and we want to end this blog entry with some pictures for you to check out!


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I get asked all the time about the name of this website. Elite Shoguns.

A shogun was the name for a military commander in ancient Japan in 1868. What does that have anything to do with entertainment?

Upon developing the site, I played around for weeks what the name of the site should be called. In order to pick out the perfect name; we gathered every name in the book that defined what we represent. In that list of endless names, we weeded out the bad, the weak, and the ugly. Then we constructed a tree diagram of every word that we had on our list(I still have the book that has all potential names that would have been if not Elite Shoguns). Out of all the names, Elite Shoguns represented who we are and our mission objective the best.

Elite – persons of the highest class. Meaning our team of professionals are the best in the business.

Shoguns – a military commander in ancient Japan in 1868. He was the actual ruler of the country. The Emperor held power in name only. The Shoguns ruled with an iron fist and kept the Daimyos in line.

Like us, we at Elite Shoguns want to keep outside entertainers in line and show them how true artists hold entertainment value in their performance.

We are also aware that Shogun is a play-on in words.

Sho – slang word meaning show; as in show business.

Gun – slang definition of a person whose profession is killing; like us in the entertainment business.

That’s how the name Elite Shoguns was born.