Planning a Wedding can be challenging at times. Let us help make it a little easier for you by planning

the entertainment. We at Elite Shoguns offer a great variety of performers such as Magicians, DJs, MCs,

Orchestras, Bands, and Beat Boxers.


Our carefully selected performers have performed for years honing their craft and never fail to impress. Your guests will be extremely happy with all entertainment provided by Elite Shoguns.  



 Wedding DJ and MC



  We offer the best DJs and MCs located on Long Island. These guys know how to get your party going

into full swing. They are the best at getting guests up and onto the dance floor, helping you celebrate your

new beginnings. Our guys are very outgoing and are very professional. You and your guests are in for a

great time with our DJ and MC!




Wedding Bands


  We have a very wide range of musicians to fit your every need for music. We offer classical music, jazz,

blues, pop, rock, dance, latin, bluegrass, country, swing, and reggae. You may request any size groups

depending on how big the venue is and how many guests are attending. 





Wedding Magician


Our magicians are the very best on Long Island. So good, that we get calls from Criss Angel's old

party planners to hire us. 


We offer close-up magic, which is where our magician goes from each table amazing all your guests in

small groups at a time. This is great for your guests to laugh, have fun, and enjoy miracles that happen

right in front of their face. All your guests will rave about how they had such a great time with our

magician by the end of the night. No hats, no wands, just magic at it's finest!




 Party Favors


We provide the most delicious home-made desserts and party favors around for all your guests such

as delicious truffles, cupcakes, chocolate lollipops, and more. 

Here is a menu of desserts and party favors we may supply for your guests!


Your Wedding is very special to us. Let Elite Shoguns help you make it perfect!


Thank you!