Birthday Party!

   Children's Magician


Our children's magician are fantastic for performing birthday parties. Using audience participation, we try and get the kids involved as much as possible! They love taken part in our show.

Our shows include making objects levitate, vanishing objects, reading minds, prediction effects, restoration tricks, transposition, and of course keeping everything fun and entertaining to watch for both children and adults. 



    Balloon Artist


Balloon sculptures are great for any child's birthday party. Our balloon artists have many years invested in their craft, allowing them to make a large variety of different sculptures. We offer two different options for you to choose from for your party.

Intermediate balloon sculpting are balloon animals made from one balloon. This includes a wide range of sculptures; teddy bear, dog, giraffe, sword, swan, etc.

Our advanced balloon sculpting allows for children to pick a wider range of characters (bigger sculptures) including two or more balloons. These include octopuses, camels, t-rex, mermaid, pterodactyl, etc.

Past clients rave over our balloons sculptures, and we know you'll love what we bring to the table